It is such a joy to be greeted by the spectacular views of the Vancouver skyline and North Shore mountains as we look out of our newly renovated condo.
We can’t thank the team of Rosy and Arthur enough, because it is through their hard work and professionalism that helped make this possible.

Being retirees, the dream of downsizing from our house in Surrey to the conveniences of Metrotown was a bit daunting. But after an initial consultation to discuss our needs, Rosy drafted a plan to quickly sell our house and find our new home that exceeded our expectations.

When looking for a Realtor, we highly recommend you give Rosy a call.
Thanks again Rosy and Arthur!

Tony Lee and Teresa Ng

We have known Rosy since we came to Vancouver in 2006. During these years we have sold and purchased several homes and investment properties in Vancouver, and every time Rosy was our realtor. She never disappoints us, and always delivers. We are extremely pleased with her assistance, as she is not only knowledgeable about the market, but also acts efficiently and professionally.

When we were on the selling side, Rosy would carefully discuss with us the selling strategies, how to effectively market the property and how to price it accurately. As a result, we were able to achieve a speedy sale every time with a top-range sale price.

When we were on the buying side, whether buying a home or an investment property, Rosy is truly helpful and reliable. In a market where time is of the essence, her prompt action and sound advice on pricing, timing and choices of property invariably provides us with an edge over our competitors.

We are very fortunate to have Rosy as our realtor, and have no hesitation to recommend her to you in your selling or buying of property.

David Zee & Bernice Wong, February 2020


Rosy has been a great help for us as we figured out our first change after living in the same place for over 20 years. First, trying to find a new place that could meet our criteria was not easy, but Rosy used her professional knowledge to patiently guide us into making a decision finally. She took care of the buying process and acted in our best interest to make the buying deal happen in a reasonable timeline on our behalf.

The next stage was to sell our old place, and Rosy guided us through the process efficiently by working collaboratively with our contractors to make the property ready for the market. It took no more than a month for our condo to be sold, and that was only after one Open House showing. Now, we are settled into our new home, and are ready to move ahead into a new stage in our lives.  We are grateful to Rosy’s service and her forever calmness in making complicated things look simple for us.

Michael Yue, April 2019


Rosy is an amiable, attentive, and diligent realtor who helped me find a wonderful new townhouse in Vancouver and buy it for lower than the list price.

As I was a first-time home buyer, everything was completely new to me. However, Rosy expertly guided me every step of the way: forwarding listings based on my preferences, scheduling viewings, liaising with all the agents and professionals involved, explaining procedures and documents, following up the completion of my home, and more.

In addition to professionalism and experience, Rosy demonstrated a warmth and trustworthiness that gave me peace of mind throughout the entire buying process. Her communication is effective, and she patiently answered my countless questions in a timely manner.

Furthermore, I feel that she has my best interests at heart. Even afterwards when I considered renting out my property, she kindly spent time sharing her vast knowledge and providing welcomed advice.

I am extremely grateful to Rosy for her reliability and results, and I wholeheartedly recommend her real estate services.

— Carrie L. March 2019

Rosy Yung has helped me in the sale of my condominium in Vancouver in a short period of 1 month. During the process Rosy offered her honest assistance, intelligent guidance and advice with integrity in very manner. She communicated clearly and kept me well informed every step of the way. Whenever there was something needing to be done or checked. Rosy acted quickly with no hesitation and spent time with me for understanding. Her professional approach, skills and knowledge were beyond my expectation. On the whole I felt lots of confidence with Rosy and I would like to say I had a fantastic experience from the bottom of my heart during the sale transaction.

Rosy is a very personable, proactive and an expert in the Vancouver real estate market. I would look for her again for sure when opportunity arrives. I highly recommend Rosy as your No. 1 realtor.

— Vivian L. March 2019

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for Rosy’s and Arthur’s combined sense of responsibility and diligent efforts in the selling of my property at 18 – 22 West 19th Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

My family and I were extremely satisfied and were caught on by surprise by the fact that our house was listed for only three days and with an hour of open house showing, it was sold for more than the asking price.

Once again, I would like to thank Rosy and Arthur for your assistance and hard work.

— Juan V. Ley June 2004


We are very grateful to Rosy Yung and Arthur Gee for their dedicated and efficient way in which they arranged the sale of our apartment, 701-2108 West 38th Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

They are the nicest people to deal with, conscientious and helpful and we shall certainly recommend them to anyone who may need their assistance and expertise in buying or selling properties.

— Steve Y.T. Mo and Richard E. Hale


It was a concern, at first, whether we should “do business” with a friend or not. However, a leap of faith says that my instincts were correct. Now, we are pleased to say that the results were just as Rosy and Arthur had predicted. We can now say for certain that both Rosy and Arthur are very hard working, trustworthy and professional Realtors.

We were pleased to receive, more than one offer, thus selling our property at 1201-3061 East Kent Ave., Vancouver, B.C., for more than our asking price. We express our deepest gratitude to Rosy Yung and Arthur Gee for helping us in taking that step.

We are more than satisfied that the best price was achieved in a short time with their good planning and communication skills with our tenant to obtain her full co-operation. They took the care to encourage a back-up offer, in the event the First Offer should “go sideways”. This, fortunately, proved to be a very good strategy, as a result. It did come into play in closing the transaction without any problems. The paperwork was detailed and complete to ensure the good offer did not get away.

Should you be concerned with Rosy’s and Arthur’s integrity, provide them with your number and one of us will call you with our comments.

— Winnie and Frank Huang


As a previous owner of the Condominium at 101- 3911 Carrigan Court, Burnaby, B.C., I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for your undivided attention, dedication and commitment to selling this unit in such a short period of time.

Your analysis of the Market, Advertising, Pricing to attract buyers, Understanding the true value of the unit and knowing buyers’ habits brought a value beyond our expectations.

The saying “two heads are better than one” does apply here. It was very reassuring to sit back and listen to each of you lay out your ideas, then come up with a common strategy on how to go about selling the Condo.

It worked. YOU ARE VERY GOOD at what you do!

Trevor and I can’t thank you both enough for your support.

— Harry Burnham


I am satisfied with the sale of my apartment at 205-4689 Hazel St. Burnaby, B.C.

Due to the cooperative and efficient work performed by Arthur Gee and Rosy Yung, I am able to provide a bonus of $500.00 to them.

Certainly, I will recommend Realtors, Arthur Gee and Rosy Yung. I consider them effective, genuine, top quality realtors.

— John R. McKay


I am writing to express my deep appreciation for Rosy’s and Arthur’s combined sense of the market and diligent efforts in the selling of my property at 515 – West 7th Avenue Vancouver, B.C.

My sister and I were extremely satisfied and were caught by surprise by the fact that our house was listed for only a short time with yet so much exposure and with so little time to show, and yet obtain offers for more than asking price. I would have been happy with just the Asking price but yet the resulting sale was for $62,000 more or nearly 13% more!!

It was interesting to hear the story that the property below mine was fully updated with laminated hardwood floors and it was in showroom condition. I did not think that mine could compete when my unit was tenanted and no updating was done. Although it showed well, I felt that it was over-priced after being listed for 9 days before mine, with no offers pending.

Once Arthur and Rosy put mine on the market, there seemed to be a frenzy of Buyers wanting to see my unit. Within 2 days of putting it on the market for what I thought was a reasonable price, when compared to the last sale in the building, it received more than one offer.

The second highest offer, although subject free was significantly lower than the first offer. Upon failing to buy my property, that buyer immediately placed an offer of $13,000 less than the asking price and it was sold (subject free offer) as well for the second highest price of the most recent sales. That Listing salesperson was thankful for the results of our marketing to enable such buyers to come to view this building.

Once again, I would like to thank Rosy and Arthur for their assistance and hard work.

Without reservation, I would heartily recommend these two to anyone wanting great results in their real estate transaction.

— Kwok Shuen Pong and King Han Pong

Testimonial from Allan and Corinna Tom, August 14, 2012

“Our experience with Rosy and Arthur was outstanding, and we would recommend their services absolutely. Though we had initial reservations about working with friends, it was no issue at all as our dealings were professional.

They were always available in a timely manner during our search to address our questions or to provide up-to-date market information.

Although we have purchased and sold real estate before in Toronto, our experience here was still very educational and many tricks of the trade were shared by Rosy and Arthur. They are diligent, patient, hard-working, and suitably aggressive during negotiation; their actions were always in the interests of us, the clients.

We look forward to our next transaction with Arthur and Rosy!!”

Testimonial from Ray and Katherine Wong, July 30,2014

“Rosy has been our long time realtor, since the sale of our previous home in Burnaby and the purchase of our house at 7575 Osler Street, some 20 years ago.

We have been keeping in touch with each other throughout these many years, because we have found that Rosy is one of the very few realtors, who put her clients’ benefits and welfare in her topmost priority, when it comes to fulfilling her duties.

We were extremely happy with the result of the recent sale of our house at 7575 Osler St. Rosy and Arthur gave us very good advice on the strategy of how to prepare and stage our house before our first open house. Rosy has given us a good evaluation of the real estate market. She has been communicating with us, via emails, in the last few months, on the market trend and sales activities in our neighbourhood; so when it came time to sell, we were all in agreement of what price to ask.

To our extreme delight, after the first open house, Rosy remarked that she has broken her own sales record by attracting 20 offers to the table. She was there, holding our hands during the entire process of negotiation, presiding over two rounds of silent auction among the contenders.

As a result, we have obtained a spectacular price of 18% over the asking price.

We would say this: if you put your trust in Rosy and Arthur, you won’t go wrong!!

Rosy is very attentive to our buying needs too. We were planning to down-size to a townhome. With our limited budget, Rosy was able to locate a well-managed townhouse complex in Vancouver, so that we would remain closer to the city. The whole process of home search, negotiation, obtaining documents from the listing agent, arranging home inspection….all the necessary steps required in getting us into our new home, were completed with care and thoroughness…..

We are most impressed by Rosy’s professionalism. Her focus in her work is 100%. As a result, the beneficiaries are, of course, us!!

We would be more than happy to respond to any question and /or the need to elaborate about this testimonial.”